About Us.

Working with tech for good companies delivering talent.

We combine years of expertise, modern tools and technology to find a diverse range of candidates. 


Supporting tech for good firms, consultancies, government programmes, and all companies with first-class employee-centred cultures.

Putting you in touch with talent.

We work in niche IT markets providing valuable support to candidates, internal recruitment teams and hiring managers.

We pride ourselves on providing candidates with a knowledge led experience and giving companies the reassurance of market leading quality.

Max Petch

Global Functional Progamming

Max works with big tech companies worldwide, recruiting exceptional Software Engineering talent, specifically with Rust or Golang expertise. Max has a deep understanding of Software Engineering providing a genuine expert service 

Dom Linfield

Lead Consultant - Software Engineering

Dom is an expert recruitment consultant focussing on Software Engineering in the UK, US, EU and Canada. 

Rob Foley


Rob's IT Recruitment career spans over twenty years and focuses on Digital and Technology recruitment. Primary interests include working with tech for good firms or companies with great engineering cultures.  Having provided countless recruitment campaigns, Rob is a well-respected and value-led consultant with a vast network of trusted candidates and career-long companies. 

Our Values.

Expertise underpins our values and our values underpin everything we do.

We treat people like people: whoever you are, wherever you work, we see you as more than just numbers and dots on a screen


We trust our process, so you can too. We lean on our exstensive market knowledge and embrace modern recruitment practices to achieve shared goals with our clients and candidates


We take pride in being an ethical IT recruitment organisation. But we don't just do things differently, we do them right and hold ourselves to a high standard. 



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